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Life Care Foundation – Medicine Seva At Singhu Border by Canada Sangat

One year is about to pass with the Kisan Protest at the borders of Delhi but the government is not listening to the protesters’ demands at all. With all the tactics used by the government to fail the protest, nothing worked at all till date. People with the cooperation of other organizations are standing strong on the borders to fight for their rights against the bills. Though, it has been said repeatedly to repeal these three bills as they are against the farmers and are actually favoring the corporate sectors; the government is acting as completely deaf and dumb.

In such a situation, to facilitate the protesters, Life Care Foundation is helping the farmers on a daily basis. With the courage of the founder of the organization and the support of volunteers, they are successfully running a full-fledged hospital named Kissan Mazdoor Ekta Hospital at the Singhu border from the beginning of the Kisan Andolan.

Recently, The organization got help from ′′ Jap for Farmers Morcha ′′ congregation of British Columbia, Canada. They have donated important medicines at Farmer Labour Unity Hospital for the farmers for which Life Care Foundation is grateful for their service. Undoubtedly, local people are helping in every way in the Farmers Protest. Similar support is given by the NRI Sangat worldwide. This is one of the reasons, the people over there stay in high spirits irrespective of the harsh weather conditions.

At this time, no government authority is taking care of health and cleanliness around the place. This is one of the reasons many protesters are getting infections, fever, viral, and skin diseases.

To cope with them, having medical facilities at the protest site has become indispensable. Kissan Mazdoor Ekta Hospital at Singhu Border is giving medical and health facilities 24*7. The hospital has OPD, a medical testing facility where you can have your vital testing.

If you are getting a fever or any other illness, blood testing is the most basic and essential part of the diagnosis. The hospital is giving treatment for various diseases without charging anything. Apart from this, a special Physiotherapy and pharmacy are also available from where anyone can take medicines free of cost.

The Lifecare Foundation is supporting in all ways to provide medical facilities. The work is becoming easier with the continued efforts of the NRI Sangat. If you are at the Singhu border at Farmers Protest and need any medical facility, content to the hospital. The experts are serving there without charging anything.

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