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OPD by Lifecare Foundation at Kisan Morch

OPD by Lifecare Foundation at Kisan Morcha Singhu Border

Kisan Morcha at Delhi borders is not just a protest, it has become the most visited and most discussed site in North India. Lots of people ranging from politicians to celebrities, daily wagers to renowned farmers, ladies, children visit Kisan protest daily. The weather conditions were harsh throughout the year. The protesters have witnessed extremely cold winters to harsh summers. Almost 11 months have been passed but the government is paying no heed in the matter. But farmers are determined to continue the protest until farm laws are repealed.

As they are sitting on the Delhi border at Singhu, there is a shortage of basic amenities. There were very few or we can say no washrooms, no place to sleep (they were sleeping in their trollies), and no medical facilities. Many organizations installed portable washrooms, many are providing free food (Langar), many are giving free beds, many are providing free clothes, etc. We felt the need to provide basic medical help. So, Lifecare Foundation opened up a free OPD at Kisan Morcha, Singhu. Hypertension, Diabetes, mild fever or muscle pains are some of the problems we are treating on daily basis.  We provide free check-ups and free medicines to our patients.

Life Care Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization providing the cheapest health checkups and healthcare facilities to the people of Punjab. The protest site at Singhu border has some underprivileged people of various states who can’t afford routine check-up or medicines. Lifecare Foundation is serving Kisan Morcha with OPD services 24*7. Anyone can come and get free health checkups and free medicines for the same.

We hope, the government will listen to farmers’ pleas and take back the farm laws so that all the protesters can go back to their homes happily and safely. Till then, our fight continues. Kisan Majdoor Ekta Jindabaad.

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