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Everything You Need To Know About Dengue

Everything You Need To Know About Dengue

Dengue is one of the diseases that often get its peak in the monsoon season or during rainy days. The patients ailing with dengue fever can be seen everywhere as the cases of dengue are increasing day-by-day. Not only this, mortality cases among people are quite high in India. So, it becomes important to get the dengue testing as soon as possible.

In recent years, the cases of dengue have been increasing in various countries. Almost 129 countries are ailing with this viral infection, in which almost 70 % of these countries lie in Asia.

What are the causes of dengue; what are its symptoms, diagnosis, and its treatment; are some of the prime questions of most people. Let’s discuss all these things to know more deeply about dengue fever.

Causes of Dengue 

Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection. It is spreading around the world at great speed. Causes of dengue disease is known as a mild infection caused by the bite of an infected Aedes species mosquito. Besides dengue, these insects are also responsible for spreading chikungunya, Zika and other viruses.

Two types of mosquitoes are responsible for spreading dengue. When a mosquito bites a person having dengue infection then that infection enters into the body of the mosquito and when the mosquito bites another non-infected person then it can infect that person too. Similarly, when an infected mosquito bites a person, the virus mixes in the bloodstream of the person that increases the infection.

If you have recently recovered from dengue fever, then you have strong immunity against the type of virus that infected you; but other types of dengue fever can still infect you. In fact, the risk of developing severe fever increases in case you get dengue fever a second or more time. So Be Very Careful.

Symptoms of Dengue Fever

The main signs of dengue fever are-

  • Nausea
  • Mild bleeding (such as nose bleed, bleeding gums or easy bruising)
  • Abrupt high fever
  • Severe joint and muscle pain
  • Skin rashes (which appears 2-5 days after the inception of fever)
  • Vomiting
  • Intense Headache
  • Sensitive Stomach
  • Pain behind eyes

In mild symptoms, it is sometimes misunderstood that the fever is due to flu or viral infection. The situation might get worse if taken lightly.

  • High dengue fever which is also named hemorrhagic can damage blood vessels and lymph, may lead to liver enlargement, bleeding from the nose and gums, and failure of the circulatory system.
  • If high dengue fever i.e. hemorrhagic remains untreated then patients may experience high bleeding or shock and death too. If you experience the above-mentioned symptoms then it is recommended to consult the doctors as soon as possible.

Diagnosis of Dengue Fever

After assessing the signs and symptoms of dengue fever, doctors often recommend a blood test to diagnose dengue. Without the blood test, it becomes difficult to confirm its presence because the signs are often confused with other diseases like malaria, typhoid.

If you are looking for a clinical lab to get your blood tested, it is better to visit the Life Care Foundation’s pathology lab near your house. We are offering all the tests at the most affordable price.

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