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Everything about Basic Metabolic Panel – Lab Testing

Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) is a test that includes eight different tests which provide the data about your body’s energy use or you can say Metabolism. This test measures your sugar (glucose) level, electrolyte and fluid balance. Kidney function is also determined by this test. Some general questions regarding the BMP test-

What is the procedure of the BMP Test?

For the BMP test, a health professional draws blood samples from a vein with the help of a small needle just like other normal blood tests. This blood sample is stored and sent to the lab for monitoring.

Is the BMP Test a Fasting Blood Test or not?

To have a BMP test, you need to fast for at least eight hours, which means not to eat or drink for eight hours before the test. It is generally recommended to give a sample in the morning itself before consuming anything as our body is in a fasting state at that time.

Why do I need a BMP test?

BMP test is often done as a part of a regular checkup to know your body well. Besides this, doctors recommend BMP test if-

  • If you are being treated in the emergency room for some reason and the doctor needs to know about your general health to treat you.
  • If you are being monitored for some chronic condition like High BP or kidney problem.



Screening: This is done to find health problems before they have caused any symptoms. It could be prescribed by doctors just for normal checkups.

Diagnosis: This method is to find the cause of the symptoms a patient is facing. It also provides information about how well the body is functioning, which makes it useful in the diagnostics process.

Monitoring: This involves follow-up checkups to see any difference in the condition with the prescribed treatment.


With each BMP test, the levels of these components are checked in the body.

Calcium- It is a mineral essential for healthy bones and muscles, also important for the cardiovascular and nervous systems. It comes from the diet we eat and is digested in the intestine and stored in bones.

Potassium- It is an electrolyte as well as a mineral that keeps the water and electrolyte balance. It is also important for the working of nerves and muscles.

Sodium- It is an electrolyte in the body. It is found in the blood and lymph fluid. Also helps in the functioning of nerves and muscles. Most of the sodium comes through the diet we take and the kidney helps to regulate the sodium level in the body.

Glucose- It is a form of sugar and serves energy to the body and brain. It is also known as blood sugar. This is the indicator of metabolic problems like diabetes. Google- ‘Sugar test near me’ to find the best labs for your glucose level checkups.

Bicarbonate- It is the electrolyte that helps to measure carbon dioxide levels in the blood. It is to identify or monitor an electrolyte imbalance.

Chloride- Testing chloride levels helps to measure the level of chlorine in blood and urine. It keeps the fluids in balance inside and outside of cells.

Creatinine- This test measures the level of waste product in your blood and urine. This tells about the working of kidneys. Creatinine is waste material generated by normal muscle activity.

Blood Urea Nitrogen- It is the measurement of how much urea nitrogen, a protein breakdown product, is present in the blood is tested to know about the proper working of the kidneys. The kidney Test is done with the help of these measurements.

These are the eight measurements done under BMP which helps to diagnose the maximum number of disorders happening to the body. Many people search on the internet like How to find the best pathology lab near me, to get BMP checked regularly.

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