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Reaching the Remote Areas

Lifecare foundation – a technology-driven healthcare NGO into diagnostics lab , launched Lab on Wheels as part of our mission  ‘Sehatmand Samaz’, making it easier for millions of people  to get tested at door steps.

Rural India has been facing severe issues when it comes to medical healthcare. Be it financial constraints or little transportation access or lesser knowledge, rural communities always lags far behind to avail the medical facilities.

To address these field level health care related issues, Lifecare foundation  have come up with a comprehensive solution by introducing Lab on Wheels cum basic life support ambulance facility  to address the issues for where it’s needed the most – i.e., primary screening for citizens of rural and remote locations.

At present, the ‘Lab on Wheels’ will be available in the region of Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana & is launched with a purpose to reach remote areas where health screening is not easily accessible.

Lab on wheels is designed as mobile sample collection facility equipped with entire basic requirement needed for sample collection, safe storage and transportation. 

Lab on wheels is also equipped with the basic life support system & will help the needy one in safe transportation to hospital facility in case of emergency. 


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