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About us

Life Care Foundation is a Non-Government Organisation working as the nucleus of healthcare since October 2020, which has been seeded at Dera Bassi and now bestowing high-quality and affordable prime medical check-ups and treatments to low-income and destitute communities of Punjab, putting more stress on rural boundaries of the state. The warm hands of our populace reach where there is no doctor, by supporting frontline health workers (community health workers, nurses, and doctors).

Life Care Foundation is consciously advancing for humanitarian cause and is embarking on a more sustainable and innovative model of linking the common man to world-class health systems while continuing to support patients in medical exigencies at the cost of pennies.

Currently, we are providing services to the eastern areas of Punjab through our 12 collection centers at various Gurudwaras located in Mohali, Fatehgarh Sahib, Nawanshahr, and Roopnagar district. We are aiming to establish 100 collection centers within the next 3 years.

“Everybody gets sick, but not everyone gets medicine”

Life Care Foundation’s aim:

Life Care Foundation aims to build and advance towards a healthy Punjab which can be attained by providing quality healthcare assistance and check-ups to downtrodden communities of the State including rural inhabitants. We relentlessly strive towards providing accurate, reliable, and quality health services through our dedicated team of competent and experienced volunteers along with a fully automated laboratory that is equipped with the most advanced instruments that handle samples to reports. We stand firm at providing world-class health checkups and facilities which promote good health, human flourishing, and equitable care for the hardest-to-reach societies. Health check-ups are the primary step towards a healthy individual. Denial in check-ups might add up for the delay in diagnosis that can lead to various diseases. Early detection of ailments is the best way to prevent complications that might later on associate with them. This process is expensive and the poverty-stricken community is unable to bear the expenses but Life Care Foundation work tirelessly to provide quality routine healthcare check-ups and treatment, which are easily accessible and at non-profit — non-loss basis, even to the neglected societies.

Environmental changes and sedentary lifestyles have resulted in a rising number of diseases, affecting all age groups.

High Lipids (Cholesterols, Triglycerides, and LDL) and Sugar levels escalate the risk of kidney-related diseases to the masses.

Quality of water also plays a vital role in putting the major chunk of the population at the risk of kidney diseases as it sometimes intensifies the Hepatitis C strands.


Our Mission

Our quest is to stand alongside different individuals that require immediate attention and uphold people which society often prefers to neglect. By cutting down the horizon of instability we are constituting procedures to attain medical justices by providing non-profit/loss medical check-ups and treatment.

We hurl towards the need of the hour and provide curative and all the vital help to the patients. Our glory would be to stay with the unprosperous to help them in their knowledge of ailments as soon as possible. We believe it all starts with a thought and change can happen with just it.

Our strategy is bold, inspirational, and empowering the sphere around us. We are deliberately devoted to building medically anchored, people-centered paths to health labs.

To meet the needs of our clients and the changing nature of the diseases we are committed to attaining the Right to Health and constantly improving the way we deliver our services and we are not stopping until Punjab is disease-free.

We are progressing towards overcoming the shackles of financial instability so as to help the destitute communities which are not being able to afford the services and we took the pledge to deliver top quality pieces of medical attention without picking holes in pockets.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a global humanitarian organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering by giving wings to the hopes and aspirations of the underprivileged and providing them with a better tomorrow. Our belief that health is a human right that drives about everything we do. We hope to improve the quality of life through health interventions and related activities that advances health practices, human evaluation, and responsible care for and with the needy and meager communities within the State. In the upcoming times, we opt to fulfill the roles of M.D. from the capable doctors from various countries and the consulting fee are as low as 20 Rupees. With the flexibility to respond rapidly to emergencies, we offer medical services to people at the highest risk, always working to strengthen local healthcare systems.

Our global strategy is anchored around three pillars

We Care for the communities we support as everyone is equal before God which is enshrined in our commitment and sheer responsibility. We devote ourselves to the people, for the people.

We are wholeheartedly engaged to achieve the greatest possible impact from the resources entrusted to us to provide a positive change that is inspired by a vision of a just and equitable world. LCF provides awareness and promotes regular check-ups to catch the early maladies before it turns incurable disease.

Accountability to the communities and transparency of the lab samples have formally earned the loyalty of our patrons and we tend to improvise our services to become more stable and transparent.


Right to Health

Our sole belief is that everyone has the concrete right to be healthy. Our humanitarian belief makes us boosted towards the helping of downtrodden populus towards a better tomorrow.



We stand in solidarity with those living at the verge of society and focus more on the rural and poverty-stricken population of Punjab which are often ignored due to their financial instability and work together to cure systemic injustice.



We take pride in enhancing ourselves with our patients and support them with all our might without the bondage of time limit. We provide our maximum care and support to grasp the needy out from the claws of their diseases.