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Farmers returning the sum they have attained from Nidhi Yojana Rajpura, Dec 12 (Daya Singh)- The black laws enacted by the Modi Government at the Center are not being repealed despite the farmers’ struggle which has led to growing anger among the common farmers against the Modi Government at the Center. Farmer Nambardar Satnam Singh Satta of Khalor village near Banur in the presence of his family members said that the Modi Government at the Center would reimburse the amount of Rs. 6,000. The Modi Government is sending Rs 6,000 per annum to the benefactors of the country’s farmer as an honor under the Pradhan Mantri’s Nidhi Yojana. Saddened by the anti-farmer face of the Union Government, Satnam Singh Satta Khalor, with the consent of his family members, his father Kulwant Singh, and brother Lakhwinder Singh told that they will give back the money and pay the amount to the Government if they implement the Swaminathan Commission. They tend to return the money under the Nidhi Yojana by abolishing the black laws introduced by the Union Government, he will pay Rs. 6,000. Satta’s father Kulwant Singh, brother Lakhwinder Singh, wife Rupinder Kaur, son-in-law Jaswinder Kaur, son Amarjot Singh Pannu, nephew Sukhjot Singh Pannu and nephew Navin Pannu were also present. The family agreed and requested the Government to save the farmers of the country.