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Life Care Foundation, with constant support from volunteers and faith in itself, has opened a World-Class Hospital with the name of Kissan Mazdoor Ekta Hospital at Singhu Border in this hour of need as no one is caring about the health of protestors, LCF took initiative to come forward and spread its motto of Right to Health. Our on-the-go hospital provides Free-of-Cost diagnosis and treatment of diseases which usually costs thousands (or sometimes millions) in almost every hospital around the corner. Along with a furnished check-up Laboratory, the hospital consists of OPD, 24-hours Emergency IPD, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Waiting area for attendees with the theme of down-to-earth greenery, and Office to manage and allocation of funds and services. The hospital had been dispensing services tirelessly for 24 hours for all the week which is available for everyone, and every part of the hospital is conditioned with due importance to the cleanliness, not just inside the hospital but also the surroundings. Kissan Mazdoor Ekta Hospital covers the treatments of Heart concerning diseases with proper ECG scanners, Liver and Kidney ailments with a surplus of oxygen cylinders, maladies concerning Physical disorders, and Respiratory system, which is scrutinized by vital checkup monitors.

By collaborating many capable national and international doctors with advanced innovative technologies we are capable of providing top-tier treatment of curable and incurable diseases with post-medicine services without taking any penny. We believe in the mercy of God as we and everything are of his, we are just a medium to designate some of our services which we are capable of providing.

Until now we have diagnosed 20k patients in laboratory out of which Emergency IPD cases were 3000 with around 35k patients of General OPD. We have also came across around 5000 Physiotherapy patients. Out of all, we only had to referred 60 cases to higher centres due to unavailability of resources at that moment of time, which makes our success score of 99 percent. We have been treating critical patients of Heart Attacks, High-Blood Pressure and Extreme Sugar, Asthma, other Respiratory diseases, Traumas, Seizures, Gastroenteritis, Accelerated Hypertension, Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia, Urinal Disorders and Kidney stones as well.

Along with catering healing services Life Care Foundation is actively taking part in providing its own transportation facilities not just to the patients but also to the protestors. Due to hardcore summer masses are at the risk of dehydration and other associated ailments, so taking it into account Amarjit Singh Cholong has initiated Kissan Express Free Sewa facility by converting tractors and trolleys into mobile-traveling comforting zones.